Hi, I’m Marian

Raised by a professionally trained chef and seamstress, I have been surrounded by delicious food and beautiful, handmade clothing since I can remember. Our family loves good food and the women especially love fashion, and I grew up eating healthy, well rounded meals and wearing Mom’s creations.

Fast forward into my twenties, when making my first from scratch gingerbread house led me to discover my passion for baking and decorating. I began journaling about my sweets in 2009, on my website Sweetopia. Initially I wanted to share about all my loves… fashion, home décor and wellness, but those took a back seat as my blog readers especially seemed to enjoy the cookie decorating posts and I dove into the hobby. Fast forward another thirteen years until today, where I’m creating a new creative outlet and dedicated space for my other passions. 

Part of my journey includes focusing on fitness and healthy eating with low carbohydrate recipes, as this way of eating, along with other factors I will eventually share, helped me shed twenty pounds. As a woman with PCOS and a penchant for sweets, I wanted to find a way to look and feel my best, without totally giving up sweets. It’s a work in progress, but I’m finding a balance and continue to experiment with easy, delicious, no sugar alternative desserts. I’ll be sharing those and healthy savory recipes here. There will always be a place for the sweets I share on Sweetopia for me, just in moderation.

My hope is that you enjoy exploring my recipes, outfits, and wellness inspiration and to inspire you and your loved ones to live more healthy, happy and beautiful lives.

xo, Marian

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Where this all began

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